Very recently SC ruled that unless service conditions demands, employer do not have right to hold the relieving letter
<p>Important points of judgment is as follows:-<br /><br />&nbsp;<br />1) It is crystal clear that a permanent employee has a right to resign from the services by giving a notice of the period of 30 days as prescribed under (standing order 17);<br /><br />2) It is right of a workman to serve an employer and to resign also by serving notice of 30 days;<br /><br />3) Bond to serve is valid if it is mentioned in the appointment order;<br /><br />4) No power to employer to reject resignation if the notice is served with resignation;<br /><br />5) Services of the employee cannot be terminated under this clause/un-authorized absence;<br /><br />6) To resign is right of an employee who cannot be forced to serve in case he is not willing until and unless there is some stipulation in the rules or in the terms of appointment or disciplinary proceedings is pending or contemplated which is sought to be avoided by resigning from the services;<br /><br />7) Termination Order passed by employer declining to accept the resignation are hereby quashed;<br /><br />8) The gratuity if payable or any other benefit, shall be paid within interest @6% per annum within period of 3 months from today (1/11/2018)</p>